100wc Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress

I was in the  woods with 4 of my friends. We entered the maze and tried to find a teleporter. we had to find it so us 4  would become history.  1 of my mates stepped on a trap. the walls were closing in on us. we tried to stop it we did but there was a whole room full of dart traps trying to kill us. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress so one of us unfortunately didn’t make it so the others left the mze and swear to never come back AGAIN.


Just Stupid Summary

Andy and Danny was at a five star restaraunt and they saw a famous Australian actor.Then Danny thought that Andy was a chicken if he couldn’t give her some flowers. But Andy had the guts to do it so he got some flowers but there was one problem. She’s boyfriend was there and he’s also an actor. But her boyfriend would kill them if he found out that Andy was giving her flowers.

Danny and Andy waited for the right moment to do it then he went to the bathroom. Andy aproached her and asked her but she ignored them the second time she responded and said “no pictures boys”. But Andy just gave the flowers and she said “well thank you” but Danny bumped Andys arm and he knocked over the candle she didn’t realise, but the fire was going up her hair Andy poured the vase water all over her hair. she was shocked then she tried to throw some wine at us but it didn’t hit us it hit her boyfriend… She quickly apologized to him but he didn’t care about us she cared more about her.

He got a long breadstick and swinged it like a bat. All Andy had was three olives and hoped for the best. Andy threw the first one he hit it went splat on the window, the 2nd one Andy threw went splat onto Andys Mum. She tried to stop the actors boyfriend but he didn’t listen then finally she said STOP! then he went out of the restaraunt with the famous actor.


fact: Women were not allowed to vote in the 1800s

fact: Australia was the first country to let women vote.

fact: You had to be over 21 to vote in elections

question: Why were aboriginals in Australia not allowed to vote?

question: Why did men think that women were too emotional or not smart enough?

understanding : 1964 Aboriginals were alloowed to vote in federal elections.


100wc but how did he/she get up there

I had a dog called larry and a cat called penut butter one day i could’nt find LARRY and PENUT BUTTER both went missing and i tried looking around then i saw them both scaring a human being into a tree. I was very confused when i found out that he was a crminal so i asked my one question why did larry have a gun and how did he get up there. I called the cops and they gave me a reward of $10 000 cause he had robbed oveer 10 banks. So I kept all the money got rich and gave my dog $10



I was walking around i see this huge handle bar out of the ground. I figure out something down there was huge! I go back home to get my shovel and I make my way there and i dig it out. Turns out it was just a teacup so i tried to get rid of it ‘but were would i put it’ i say. than i take it to my cousins house he said ‘whats this’  ‘don’t worry’ I say. Then i never saw it again. I wake up to find the exact teacup next to my bed ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!



100wc [were have they come from] [why are they here] [what mood are they in]

I was walking down the street and I see this huge tree and something was tearing it apart. Now it split up and the little trees started to follow me. They carved something on a tree and it said we came from a different planet. So I asked it are you sad? They nod there heads and i felt bad. I ask them why did you come here and they drew this big tree in space that was flying but it crashed into earth. It also  said they were in there for 1000 years. Then I casually walked off


Magna Carta BTN


Magna carta link

3 facts green

2 questions red

1 understanding blue

King john  took peoples land and took there money for war. King John disrespected churchs.They made king john sign magna carta so he couldn’t disrespect some things eg taking money for war. King john arrested people for not paying tax. In the old days why did Kings have all the power? Also King John could of made it fair but why did’nt they stop him earlier?


SRC speech


Hi my name is Daniel and I want to be in SRC because I am pretty confident at speaking in front of big crowds and I wouldn’t care that much if I was in SRC but this is my speech.

1st I’m pretty nice guy and I like to make people laugh.

2nd I can be annoying but I really like talking to people and I would like to do it because I think talking is my kind of thing.

3rd I’d love to be part of a community that helps the school and think of ideas about how were going to raise money or maybe the things that would help other people.

These are my three reasons why I would like to be and I hope this was long enough but I’m going to add more

I’m a talkative person and wouldn’t mind being a SRC. It would make me happy if someone votes but I’m in green team. 2 other things

I would like to donate more money for a charity or even cheer a unhappy person for example if josh fell over and needed help I would cheer them up and help them to the teacher.

thank you for listening to my speech

Book Review

Bumagedon the final pongflict 28 pages 20/2/2018

Brown blobs are blobimng everywere and taking over the world and almost taking over the entire human race! Than Zack and Elanor have a spray that gets rid of the brown blobs. But… ZACKS BUM GOT CAPTURED BY THE EVIL GREAT WHITE BUM! They ran into a guy named ned and he had an time travel machine. They were going to get back Zacks bum Duece.