move up day100wc topic[but were would we hide it all]

I went out for a walk one day when i saw a billion dollars worth of money from a lottery ticket on the ground! I thought i can still redeem it because it wasn’t expired. Later that day I got my billion dollars and then i knew my mom and dad would freak out if i had this much money. but my brother saw and he knew he could get some because he wouldn’t tell mum and dad. than i say”but wer3 would we hide it all oh oh I here there footsteps than they open the door oh no!

Alice Dreaming Report 100 word challenge

At Alice Dreaming the play was about Alice being yelled at and having no friends but then then she gets friends, but also meets a bird. What I liked about the play was I liked about how the white on our uniforms light purple in the UV light!!! I also like the disco ball. Maybe the thing that I didn’t like was how it got kind of boring and you would have to sit there and watch anyway. The other thing i didn’t like was how the play school song started and i don’t like  playschool songs really I don’t.

100 WC …I just couldn’t eat something so…

There was a prisoner sitting in the corner starving wanting something to eat. The prisoner was hungry thirsty he needed a oak. Then the guard came up and gave the prisoner a maggot sandwich but the prisoner didn’t want to eat it.So he said” can i have an oak? The guard said”OAK? No can do I have work.” he’s only option to survive is to eat the maggot sandwich.

As he was going to eat it he took a deep breath but he still couldn’t do it. Suddenly he  saw the one and only oak.

Hello world!

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