All children should play sports

All children should play sports

Do you want your kid to be really fat? NO? There’s a solution. Sign your kid up to any type of sport now or they could be very unhealthy for the rest of their life. 1 reason is that they’re not active and they are playing games and watching TV 24/7.

Do you worry about the payment because your kid will have to do it no matter what! It goes from prep to year 11. If your kid doesn’t go to school, that’s illegal and you would get arrested. It can be fun when you’re playing with others but solo sports are equally as fun.

Sports can keep you healthy, fit and strong. Over 60% of the world would agree and most of them have experienced it themselves. If the following things are not working out for you try going on a diet and try really hard in sports. Sometimes you can win in a team sport like baseball. Try not to be a sore loser and your team is there to help you, but if you are a good sport that is a life lesson you can learn from sports.

So that’s why you should sign up for a sport! Try it out, it’s fun or you can let your kid get teased and very obese.

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