100wc But What color should it be?

But what color should it be?  It was a hard decision so I chose both. I tried on my new coat that looked verry ugly pink and green don’t match. IT:) was very warm and other stuff. I like pink> I like Green. The coat was made out of actual animal furrrrr! The coat was Called The warm one, cause it was warm. I played fortnite with it it was very warm because it is the warm one. I was very drunk so I also bought $150 worth of vbucks And got tier 100 because this is a hundred words]


3 thoughts on “100wc But What color should it be?

  1. I love the start to this piece of writing Dan. The way you started with the question, then answered it yourself – and then decided your decision didn’t work, was a very entertaining way to introduce the weird colour choice. Your story got a bit lost as you progressed – did you make a plan or make it up as you went along. I’d love to see you rewrite the second half so it is a great as the start.

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