100wc [Flame Ice Lime Regularly Clock]

One day I was in my house and I had a pie in my stove and I went outside for a little jog and it turned out to be an hour. When I came back my house was on fire! The flame spread really quickly and my neighbours house caught on fire. I tried to put out the fire by throwing my water bottle at the house. It made a entrance to my refrigerator and all that was in there was ice cubes and a clock. My neighbour regularly drove off with hes lime lambo.

The end 1020100101010100102-0932874674tuiru4836r


One morning I went outside to see a magical door. It looked like it led to a world full of candy and a dinosaur that looks like this

When I stepped through the magical door and got to a world full of candy I saw a very very scary bunny rabbit.

It chased me everywhere I went but it couldn’t catch up. I ran through the magical door again and the bunny rabbit followed me and the door was stuck untill the bunny went back through the door so I got a carrot and tossed it through the door and I shut it immediately.

ThE eNd


100wc however, she couldn’t believe what she had done

I was playing a video games when my sister came into my room and wanted to play. She played Fortnite and got killed y a noob she raged and threw the controler across the room however, she couldn’t believe what she had done once she threw it. She left the room quickly and that night I never played fortnite again. 20 years later… She sees me again and randomly gives me one thousand dollars. That day she said sorry but I had no idea what she was talking about but I got a new controler the next day it broke. 0_0


Fact: In Cape Town everyday the people get 50L of water.

fact: Cape town is actully having a drought right now.

fact: On day zero they only get 25L of water aquestion:nd it’s not that much.

question: Why do they get 50L not 100L?

Understanding: a shower can use up most of your water and it’s around 20L



All children should play sports

All children should play sports

Do you want your kid to be really fat? NO? There’s a solution. Sign your kid up to any type of sport now or they could be very unhealthy for the rest of their life. 1 reason is that they’re not active and they are playing games and watching TV 24/7.

Do you worry about the payment because your kid will have to do it no matter what! It goes from prep to year 11. If your kid doesn’t go to school, that’s illegal and you would get arrested. It can be fun when you’re playing with others but solo sports are equally as fun.

Sports can keep you healthy, fit and strong. Over 60% of the world would agree and most of them have experienced it themselves. If the following things are not working out for you try going on a diet and try really hard in sports. Sometimes you can win in a team sport like baseball. Try not to be a sore loser and your team is there to help you, but if you are a good sport that is a life lesson you can learn from sports.

So that’s why you should sign up for a sport! Try it out, it’s fun or you can let your kid get teased and very obese.


Fact: theres been recent floods in pakistan south asia

Fact: more than one and a half thousand was killed from the natural disaster.

fact: the flood effected more people than the tsunami that hit south asia in 2004.

question: why does this not go on the news sometimes?

understanding: 20 million were effected from the floods.


One casual day on the streets i got approached by a random stranger and he gave me 2 spikey balls and ran off in the distance. After he left it started to move. When it got out of my hands it went in the distance and I never hoped they never came back. The next day the 2 spikey balls became king and queen of the world plus every president and prime minister in the WORLD. 5 minutes later… the 2 spikey balls came to my house and it crowned me dork of the world and gave everyone 1million dollars. It gave me 2.8billion dollars and I was the best dork in the world. THE END 101010101010 error 404 pAgE nOt FoUnD


Fact: The African Contintent is breaking apart.

Fact: It will take tens of millions of years to break apart.

Fact: The crack became exposed after a heavy rainstorm.

Question: Why do cracks take a long time to split apart land?

Understanding: The crack can cause buildings and other things to collapse.

100wc …but I didn’t understand the instructions…

Later this day… alright detentions over Billy stay here said the teacher. You got an F on maths an F on english and a F on writing. You are failing Billy and the princepal wanted me to tell you your did terrible on your maths test 1/35, …but I didn’t understand the instructions… I whisper. When Billy got home from school he studied all night and the next day he came to school something started to happen. He got an B on maths A+ on writing and B+ on english. Every one was amazed and Billy became a very smart boy.

Webinar Reflection

Today in the library we had webinar and we learnt how to not get scammed or hacked and learnt how to protect your account. One of the scams was BAD RABBIT. it made you pay 0.5 bitcoins and that’s around $400. If a scamming message is sent to you talking about some order that you purchased here are some clues to tell if you are being scammed for e.g (1) order left pick it up now last chance. Another one is that you never payed for something.

a lot of scamming sites will often ask you to donate money to a animal shelter and poor puppy is very sick and needs medicine. There often scam sites because people tried paying for it and it never came to there house. 90 million dollars has been lost in 2017 and over 150 000 reports have been made but sometimes the hackers/scammers make the site so secure it might even stay on the internet.