On april 1961 a russian dude was the first in space.

On 1969 the americans got on the moon yay.

Elon musk created a private rocket launching company called SpaceX.



I was camping in the woods and I heard a strange noise coming from the trees. I wasn’t camping alone there were 2 other people with me their names were julio and (ಥ﹏ಥ). they are really nice except (ಥ﹏ಥ) don’t talk. They were awake and heard the noise aswell and came outside and grouped up with me. We were going to change camping spots. When we were packing up to leave (ಥ﹏ಥ) got attacked out of nowhere and was stabbed multiple times in the torso. We ran atleast 1 km now and we still had to run but (ಥ﹏ಥ) gave up I said to my self we need to run but they were exhausted so I gave up and we all died.

The end

100wc Bricks Gorilla Yellow Running Pretty

there was a pretty gorilla in it’s natural habitat. The gorilla was running around with an very yellow bannana. When the little boy fell into the gorilla pit the little boy woke up he was on the gorillas back. The security wanted to put the gorilla down but it was almost extinct and the zoo had no plan to get the boy out of there. The zoo got a sniper rifle and tried to shoot the gorilla it, it missed the gorilla but they killed the…l























































the little boys handkercheif and the gorilla threw the boy up so the security team can catch him but they didn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLOT TWIST


NASA put 6 people in a dome next to a volcano.

They put them in the dome for 1 year so they can experince what it would be like if they were on mars plus there was an open toilet😂😂😂

You can not breath on mars 🙁

100wc 蛇ばか  …I wondered what was behind the door…

I was trick or treating at 10 30pm. It was getting late and I needed to get home but I wanted to trick or treat one more house. I was looking for a house with decorations. I found a house and it was huge and creepy. I took a peak and the lights in the house were off I wondered what was behind the door. I went through the gate and zap! A tree behind me caught on fire and fell onto the road. I knock on the door and said “trick or treat.” There was no answer untill… I was in a headlock and I brought into the house and out of the shadown a man with a deformed face got a knife and said “Trick;)

The end

space video reflection

Earth has one moon,earth Is the only place that has living things;)

Venus is super hot 24/7;)

The sun Is super big and jupiter is 1% of the suns mass,jupiter has 67 moons;)

Mars is the second most smallest planet in the solar system,mars also has a mountain bigger than any mountain in the solar system;)

Saturn has a bing ring around it,it has 62 moons;)

our solar system is called 〒he M|lky W@¥



100wc …it reminded me of a time when…

I almost broke the world record I said to my self, “20202000000298864 dabs 20202000000298865, 20202000000298866 yes!” I broke the world record. When I broke the world record it reminded me of a time when I stepped on 1234556432345543234543234 legos! It was hard I had to eat and dab at the smae time. Pee and dab at the same time. Play games while I dabbed non- stop. Eventully I got very sick and had broncitis but…












I still dabbed. It took me 12 1/2 YEaRS  tO CoMpLeTe ThIs ChAlLeNgGe. Once I completed the challenge I died and the only reason why i’m telling you this is I’m in the AfTeR LiF3 <><><><><>^_^[][][]/\=_=~~~~~~“`~~“`123456789!@#$%^&*(1234%^7890123456781@#$%^&

100wc But What color should it be?

But what color should it be?  It was a hard decision so I chose both. I tried on my new coat that looked verry ugly pink and green don’t match. IT:) was very warm and other stuff. I like pink> I like Green. The coat was made out of actual animal furrrrr! The coat was Called The warm one, cause it was warm. I played fortnite with it it was very warm because it is the warm one. I was very drunk so I also bought $150 worth of vbucks And got tier 100 because this is a hundred words]



I was walking down the stairs to my kitchen. I was really nervous because my house was getting inspected and I had a really embarrassing photo of me as a baby and they thought I was a girl so they made me wear pink. So I cooked mac and cheese and I had a really big backyard. I went to eat my mac and cheese outside and a random river teleported in front of my house so I tried to get rid of it by kicking the ground and it worked but I dropped my mac and cheese.

The End